• ORCHESTRA – including works for soloist and orchestra

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    Lyric episodes for ensemble.
    1111, 1110, pf/cel, harp, perc, timp, 11111 (solo vla)
    Commissioned by BBC.
    First performance and broadcast by Lontano, conducted by Odaline de la Martinez
    Recorded by Christine Rutledge (viola), Center for New Music, conducted by David
    Gompper (Albany TROY 1110-11)
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    2 Cello soli and string orchestra: 8, 0, 4, 2, 1 + amplification
    First performance: BBC – Rohan de Saram & Chris van Kampen, London Sinfonietta,
    conducted by Lionel Friend.
    First public performance: Rohan de Saram & Ross Pople, BBC Symphony Orchestra
    conducted by Richard Pitman
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    SINFONIA DA CACCIA (1967) 18’ ms.
    2222, 2000, timp, strings: 6, 6, 4, 4, 2
    Dedicated to the memory of Ivor Gurney
    Commissioned by Morley College.
    First broadcast performance: Academy of the BBC, conducted by Norman del Mar
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    SUITE FOR FLUTE AND STRINGS (1958, rev. 2011) 18’ Novello
    Overture; Aria; Energico; Hymn
    Solo fl, str.
    Dedicated to ‘my friends the Finzis of Ashmansworth’
    First performance: Alexander Murray and Newbury String Players
    Recorded by Anne Hodgson and Musicians of All Saints
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    ARBOR VITAE – Cycle for Orchestra (1964) 27’ ms.
    2333, 4331, timp, perc, pf, cel, harp, strings
  • CHAMBER ENSEMBLE – 3 or more players

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    STRING QUINTET (2012, rev. 2013) (34’) UYMP
    Part I: ‘The Caller on the Shore’; ‘Moments of Being’; ‘Dance on the Shore; Part II:
    ‘The Meeting’
    String quintet: 2 vln, 1 vla, 2 vlc
    Dedicated to Erika Fox and to the memory of my teacher Priaulx Rainier
    First performed and broadcast by the Kreutzer Quartet with Bridget McCrea
    HAMADRYAD (2001) (10’) UYMP
    alto flute, viola, guitar
    Commissioned and first performed by New Opus Trio, Chicago.
    Recorded by Lontano under Odaline de la Martinez (Lorelt LNT118)
    LAYERS – homage to Purcell (1995) (6’) ms.
    fl, ob, cl, tpt
    Commissioned and first performed by Sounds Positive
    Recorded by Lontano under Odline de la Martinez (LNT 118)
    WINTER MUSIC (1990) (11’) UYMP
    fl/picc/afl, ob/ca, cl, tpt, perc (cel, bells, chimes)
    Commissioned and first performed by Sounds Positive.
    Recorded by Lontano under Odaline de la Martinez (Lorelt LNT118)
    VERS LIBRE (1980) (10’) ms.
    fl/afl, cl, vla, vlc
    Commissioned by Gemini. Dedicated to Erika and Manfred Fox
    AUDIO (Center for New Music)CROQUIS – for string trio (1980) (50’) UYMP
    3 Cahiers: I – 17’; II – 16’; III – 17’
    Dedicated to Veronica Slater
    Commissioned by the BBC for members of the Arditti quartet
    First performed Venice Biennale
    Recorded by members of Kreutzer Quartet (NMC D151) *
    Recorded by members of Lontano (Lorelt LNT180)
    Cahier I:
    1. Precipitoso
    2. Cadence
    3. Chants*
    4. Croquis 1
    5. Sextet
    6. Fusées
    7. Plaint
    8. Solo 1: pathétique
    9. Sommeil: (pour les violes)*
    Cahier II:
    10. Fugue
    11. Solo 2: deciso
    12. Croquis 2*
    13. Eye
    14. Centering
    15. Pas de deux
    16. Tambourin
    17. Adage
    18. Reels
    Cahier III:
    19. Sapphic fragment*
    20. Minstrel
    21. Solo 3: mesto
    22. ‘From the Chinese…’*
    23. Quodlibet*
    24. Croquis 3*
    25. Etude à 3
    26. Trio
    27. Sonnet
    VERGERS D’ECLAIRS (1975) ms.
    For flute (+ picc./alto), cello, prepared piano and percussion
    Commissioned by Option Band ensemble for the Féstival d’Estival of Paris
    Subsequently broadcast by BBC
  • INSTRUMENTAL – 2 players

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    TRISTIA – for violin and piano (2006–7) (10’)
    1. Appassionato – with élan; 2. Semplice; feroce; 3. Frozen; 4. Presto; still; 5. Acuto;
    6. Andante lugubre – alla barcarolla
    Dedicated to David Gompper
    First performance and recording by Peter Sheppard-Skaerved and Aaron Shorr (NMC
    Dedicated to Howard Ferguson
    First performed and broadcast by Yfrah Neaman and Howard Ferguson
    Further performances by Manoug Parikian, Ralph Holmes, Peter Sheppard-Skaerved
    Recorded by Wolfgang David and David Gompper (Albany TROY680)

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    STELAE FOR ORGAN (2006–10) (20’) ms
    7 short pieces which may be performed separately or in sequence
    OGGETTI – Omaggio à Morandi (2003) (up to 24’) UYMP
    (13 pieces: players may ‘curate’/play a selection or the entire collection)
    Dedicated to Lesley Millar and Bob White
    First performed and recorded by Hiro Takenouchi (Lorelt LNT118)
    WIEGLIED - for solo viola (1999) (7’) UYMP
    Dedicated to and first performed by Christine Rutledge
    Recorded by Dimitri Murrath (Lorelt LNT118)
    WIEGLIED – for solo violin (1999) (7’) UYMP
    First performed by Peter Sheppard Skaerved
    STELE FOR JOHN LAMBERT – for piano (1996) (5’) UYMP
    Dedicated to Thalia Myers
    Recorded by Thalia Myers (NMC D057)
    CASIDA – del corazon amortajado (1994) (6’) UYMP
    (Casida – of the shrouded heart)
    Dedicated to Thalia Myers
    CASIDAS Y SONETOS – ‘del amor oscuro’ Book I (20’) UYMP
    (1991-94, rev. 2003)
    Commissioned by Arts Council of Great Britain for Charles Ramirez
    (5 pieces which may be performed separately)
    1. Casida – del Corazon amortajado
    2. Casida – de las Fuentes ocultas
    3. Casida – del estampa
    4. Casida – de los patios
    5. Soneto – de la lluvia imprevista
    CAPRICCI – à 4 mains: ‘Fur Lise’ (1983) ms.
    Commission by Lise-Martine Jeanneret
    TOMBEAU – for piano (1966-69) (27’) UYMP
    (In 3 parts which may be performed separately: Part I – 7’; Part II – 13’;
    Part III – 7’)
    Commissioned and first broadcast on BBC by Stephen Kovacevich

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    For mezzo soprano and piano
    Text: Ursula Vaughan Williams
    First performed and recorded by Susan Bickley and Iain Burnside
    (NMC D150)
    NIGHTPIECE (2003) (6’) UYMP
    For soprano voice and 2 bass viols (also exists in version for soprano and 2 cellos)
    Commissioned and first performed by Evelyn Tubb and Music and Mirth
    HAMADRYAD (1985) ms.
    For voice (mezzo soprano), flute (+ bass fl) with amplification, violin and piano
    Commissioned by Millhouse Festival
    For baritone and piano
    First performance: John Muriello and David Gompper
    First broadcast: Stephen Varcoe and John Constable
    Recorded by John Muriello and David Gompper (Albany TROY 1256)
    Speaker, fl/perc, cl/perc, pf, vln, vla, vlc
    Text: Philip Oxman
    Commissioned by Radio Suisse Romande
    First performance: Ensemble Gioco e Musica with Philip Oxman
    First broadcast: Option Band with John McLeod
    AUDIO (John McCleod/Option Band)FLORILEGIUM (1960) (16’) ms.
    2 sop, 2 alt, 2 ten, 2 bass
    ob/ca, hn, 2 vlc, harp, pf
    Text: John Fletcher, Henry King, Robert Herrick, etc.
    Dedicated to ‘My mother: ‘There is a garland in her face’
    First performance: mixed ensemble, cond. Gordon Kember
    First broadcast: Melos ensemble/voice cond. Meredith Davies
    ‘NOUS N’IRONS PLUS AU BOIS’ – Song Cycle for voice and piano (1956) (15’)
    Text: Verlaine, de Banville, de Musset
    Prelude; Colloque Sentimental; Nous n’irons plus au bois; Interlude; Tendres Regrets
    First performed and broadcast by Sophie Wyss and Josephine John
    SONG CYCLE: ONE DAY (1953) (10’) ms.
    For baritone and piano
    Text: Denton Welch
    Song; Poem for the Future; One Day; Where nothing sleeps
    First performed by Norman Tattersall and Roy Teed
    BEAUTIFUL LIE THE DEAD (1954) (8’) ms.
    For soprano and piano
    Text: Beddoes, W.H. Gibson, Stephen Philips
    Song; The Mourner; Beautiful lie the dead
    Dedicated to: William Alwyn; Gerald Finzi; Howard Ferguson

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    MOTET: NUNC DIMITIS (1985, rev. 2004) (6’) UYMP
    Commissioned by Finzi Singers, conducted by Paul Spicer
    First broadcast by BBC Singers, conducted by Simon Joly
    ELEGY – THE ELM (1977) (25’) ms.
    Speakers, SATB chorus and semi-chorus, 2 perc, pf/celesta, pf/eorg
    Commissioned by Heathfield Choral Society
    EIGHT CANZONETS (1958–72) (16’) ms.
    SATB chorus
    Text: lyrics of 16th-17th centuries
    Dedicated to Ursula Vaughan Williams
    First performed by BBC Singers, conducted John Poole
    MOTET: I HEARD A VOICE (1956) (3’) Patterson/Music Sales
    First performed by Elizabethan Singers, conducted by Simon Halsey

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